Congressman Cantor’s Plan for the Middle Class

Child Focused Education for Low-Income Children

We must restore hope for a brighter future and we can start by focusing on the education of low-income children. A good education is the most basic and fundamental opportunity we owe each and every child. Yet, all too often we fail our children, especially those in low-income neighborhoods.

We should allow federal funds for low-income students to follow the students to the public school of their choice, including charter schools. Right now, federal dollars don’t follow all of the students they are intended to help – children trapped in failing schools.

As we continue our work to restore trust in our government and faith in our economy, we do so with a focus on making life work for more Americans. That starts with an equal chance at a quality education in Virginia and
across our country.

Common Sense Health Care Initiatives

We should repeal medical device taxes, while supporting practical efforts like converting overtime into paid time off that one could use when attending to a sick family member. We also should eliminate the red-tape that slows down the availability of life-saving drugs to those who need them.

Innovation and Job Growth

We need to support businesses that foster innovation and create new jobs. This will lead to good paying jobs for American workers.

Other steps

Eliminate taxpayer financing of presidential campaigns and the Republican and Democratic Party conventions.

Designate over $100 million to expand pediatric research at the National Institutes of Health through the NIH Common Fund.

Push for research that will help uncover the cure for autism spectrum disorder and many other diseases like cancer that are impacting children.

Prioritize federal spending of scientific research into debilitating diseases and disorders.

Put additional taxpayer funding into scientific research of pediatrics diseases and disorders.