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Eric Cantor

Wayne Powell wants you to think he is a Republican

Wayne Powell, Congressman Cantor’s opponent, has launched his first television ad of the campaign. And, to say the least, it is interesting. First, he is only airing the ad during the Republican National Convention on Fox News Channel. Secondly, after getting a door slammed in his face in the ad, he claims to be “A Democrat who just might be your kind of Republican.”

Really, Wayne? Really?

If Wayne Powell was a Republican, he would be very, very lonely. Here are just a few of his positions where he would not find much company in the GOP.

He would be the only Republican in Congress who thinks that ObamaCare is working and should be expanded.

He certainly wouldn’t have much support in the GOP for his plan to raise taxes on small businesses.

His belief that Occupy Wall Street is “The basis of all that is good and right about our Country”, is not very popular with our party members.

His plan to reduce the tax deduction on charitable contributions to churches would get a few doors slammed in his face.

And his stated position of having no objection to taking “In God we trust” off of U.S. currency would probably alienate most everyone in our party.

No, Wayne, you are not our kind of Republican. In fact, you’re too liberal to even be our kind of Democrat.

Eric Cantor
  Eric Cantor
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Eric Cantor
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